Ghost notes is a collection of 13 BoomBox songs stripped down to their essence.
An acoustic album has been a concept in our minds for years, but it took a special set of circumstances for it to materialize.

When not touring, we’re working on new material to take out on the next tour… So, it was always hard to justify the time and focus needed to distill and render the true fundamental soul of the songs in an acoustic format.
As 2020 kicked in and shows were kicked out, the touring musician was left staring into the most unheard of and bleakest of forecasts. For us, time literally stopped as the world’s dance floors went cold. We knew the songs were there, waiting to be discovered and that underneath the big bass lines, drumbeats and electric guitar riffs, the songs stood pure and simple.

One mic, one take, no overdubs, no loops, no tricks, just the songs fully exposed.